how to retrieve files after system recovery

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how to retrieve files after system recovery

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File recovery program download

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file recovery full download

How To Retrieve Deleted Program Files


The Best Defence Available. Here’s Why:

  • Finds and retrieves deleted email and deleted email attachments
  • Revives files from even freshly formatted or partitioned drives
  • Recovers a wide variety of file types, including recycled, compressed and encrypted.
  • Has the ability to retrieve missing files from many peripheral storage devices
  • Saves recovered files to a selected destination
  • Revives files from most Windows file systems
  • Doesn’t take up much space on your hard drive, but is still more than powerful enough to scan quickly and recover your files

Minimum System Requirements:

The following are the minimum levels required. For improved responsiveness we recommend higher system specifications than those presented here:

  • Intel Pentium III (or compatible processor)
  • At least 256MB of RAM
  • 20MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
  • Internet connection

Operating System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
  • Operating privileges: logged on as administrator

Note: All operating systems refer to 32-bit versions. Email support includes PST files (.pst) or Outlook Express file system (.dbx). Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Vista Windows Mail are supported.

Software Requirements:

Internet Explorer 8 (or greater)


  • To use ParetoLogic Data Recovery, the following is recommended:
  • 512MB RAM – for better performance
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows

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